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The Future of Healthcare is Here

LiveMD Medical providers are physicians that are Board Certified in internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine, pediatrics, and other medical specialties. They have incorporated LiveMD into their practice to provide affordable, convenient access to quality care, while enjoying the many benefits that LiveMD's transformational telehealth technology provides - and so can you.
  • Increase your Revenue
    • Free up exam rooms and office staff while shifting routine encounters into shorter visits, either by phone or online video
    • Gain new revenue from LiveMD's patients across the country and world
  • Easy and Convenient
    • Work from anywhere including home and office
  • Online Scheduling
    • Patients can conveniently schedule phone, video, and in-person medical appointments
    • You can control your availability using LiveMD tools
  • Grow your Practice
    • LiveMD will bring you new patients from your area, the country and across world
  • Phone, Video, and In-Person Medical Consultation
    • Provide medical consultation to patients securely via phone or video
    • Patients can schedule time to meet you at your office
  • Network with local and international Doctors
    • Exchange knowledge with doctors of different specialties across the world
    • Receive patient referrals from doctors around the world
  • Better Patient Care
    • Improve quality of care, compliance, convenience of treatment and patient satisfaction by improving access to care
  • Technology of the Future
    • LiveMD can assist your medical practice increase efficiency by delivering more services with your current resources in a safe and secure way.
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